Vocabulary - Setting the Table

In this Spanish Medium Review quiz we will take a look at vocabulary words you will need to know for setting the table. Do you or did you ever have to do chores around the house? Some chores aren’t so bad and others are probably not so fun like having to mow the lawn, take out the trash or do the laundry. Still, chores are necessary or we would all have very messy homes and no clean clothes. Plus, doing chores helps the entire family out – especially if everyone pitches in.

With chores in mind, this quiz is going to focus on one chore – that of setting the table. Do you know how to properly set a table with the knives facing into the plate, not out and the spoons go on the right side of the plate and the forks go on the left side? And where do you put the glass or cup? Some family traditions might change this up a bit but regardless of your table setting traditions, we all have to include the same things on our table. So let’s get to see what items we can use to set a really nice table.

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dish / plate plato [m]
glass vaso [m]
cup taza [f]
teacup taza de té [f]
saucer platillo [m]
spoon cuchara [f]
knife cuchillo [m]
fork tenedor [m]
pitcher jarra [f]
sugar azúcar [m]
salt sal [f]
pepper pimienta [f]
vase florero [m]
placemat salvamantel [m]
elegant elegante (this is an adjective so it has no definite article]
casual informal (this is an adjective so it has not definite article)

See, that list wasn’t so bad now was it. Yes, there are a number of words that you will really have to study but by this point in learning Spanish, you should be quite a pro at doing that!

Okay, now it is time to move on to the quiz. The quiz is made up of ten sentences with one word that is shown in all capitalized letters. From the answers given, see how quickly you can locate the Spanish translation of the capitalized word. Then, the next time you set the table at home, try setting it by saying each piece in Spanish as you lay it down. Ready? Then begin the quiz!

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  1. Missy forgot to put the SUGAR on the table.
    The Spanish word for sugar is azúcar.
  2. My sister kept dropping her FORK.
    The Spanish word for fork is tenedor.
  3. Mother always sets and ELEGANT table.
    Here you needed to be careful of the spelling. The Spanish word for elegant is elegante. There is no accent mark in this word so the first and second answers can be eliminated. The last answer has misspelled the word by using an 'e' where the 'a' should have gone.
  4. May I please have a CUP of tea?
    The Spanish word for cup is taza.
  5. Johnny put eight DISHES on the table.
    The Spanish word for dishes is platos.
  6. Mommy wanted to use the new GLASSES she just bought.
    The Spanish word for glasses is vasos.
  7. Mrs. Whitney gently held her TEACUP.
    The Spanish words for teacup are taza de té.
  8. They were going to have a simple, CASUAL dinner.
    This should have been a really easy one. The Spanish word for casual is informal. The word informal is also used in English to mean the same thing.
  9. Nancy had to refill the PEPPER shaker.
    The Spanish word for pepper (when it is a spice and not a vegetable) is pimienta.
  10. She put a large PITCHER of water on the table.
    The Spanish word for pitcher is jarra. The first, second and third answers are all misspelled.

Author: Christine G. Broome

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