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In this Spanish Medium Review quiz you will be looking at things that make our food taste extra good. Basil, clove, sage – that’s spicy! Yes, we all love food but without spices, many of those foods wouldn’t taste very good. How good would cinnamon cookies taste if there wasn’t any cinnamon? That’s food for thought! Can you imagine candy canes without peppermint? How about pretzels without salt? The list can go on and on. Spices are the ingredients that make our favorite dishes the reason that they are our favorite. Remove a spice and that dish is definitely missing something.

Now imagine you are on vacation in a Spanish speaking country and you are asked to bake something. How would you go about asking for the right ingredients? Well – you learn the Spanish words for those spicy ingredients! That is what you will be doing in this quiz. There are other spices but this list will get you through pretty much everything!

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allspice pimienta inglesa [f]
anise anís [m]
basil albahaca [f]
cinnamon canela [f]
clove clavo de olor [m]
ginger jengibre [m] (note that both the J and G have an H sound)
nutmeg nuez moscada [f]
paprika paprika [f]
parsley perejil [f]
pepper pimienta [f] (you have seen this one before)
peppermint menta [f]
rosemary romero [m]
sage salvia [f]
salt sal [f]
spearmint hierbabuena [f] (phonetically pronounced as air-bã-bwain-ã)
spice especia [f]
tarragon estragón [m]
thyme tomillo [m]

Mmm, can you just smell some of these spices?! I bet you they smell just as good in any language! So, without any more waiting, it is time to head on down to the quiz questions and see how spicy it is! Remember, if a word is shown in all capitalized letters, you need to find the Spanish translation of that word.

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  1. She need to buy some GINGER to make her gingerbread house.
    The Spanish word for ginger is jengibre.
  2. Jackie needed some CINNAMON to put in her apple pie.
    The Spanish word for cinnamon is canela.
  3. She looked into her purse to see if she had any SPEARMINT gum.
    The Spanish word for spearmint is hierbabuena.
  4. This spice is also a girl’s name (and part of a beautiful flower).
    The spice that is also a girl’s name (and part of a beautiful flower) is Rosemary. The Spanish word for Rosemary is Romero.
  5. In the Bible, Lot’s wife turned into this.
    In the Bible, Lot’s wife turned into a pillar of salt. The Spanish word for salt is sal.
  6. Which spice is missing? Parsley, ____, Rosemary and Thyme.
    This comes from an old song sung by Simon & Garfunkel. The words are: Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thym”. “Sag” was the missing word. The Spanish word foR sage is salvia.
  7. This spice goes especially nice with baked ham.
    The spice that goes especially nice with ham is clove. The Spanish words for clove are clavo de olor.
  8. A pinch of BASIL in tomato sauce makes it a little sweet.
    You need to know how to spell the word to find the right answer for this one. The Spanish word for basil is albahaca. It does not have any accent marks.
  9. This has always been salt’s partner.
    Salt’s partner has always been pepper. The Spanish word for pepper is pimienta.
  10. I love to put a little NUTMEG into my eggnog.
    The Spanish words for nutmeg are nuez moscada.

Author: Christine G. Broome

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