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In this Spanish Medium Review quiz you will be reviewing the many different parts of your body. Children love to learn the parts of their body. There are even many different games that are played to help with that learning. Now let’s say that it becomes your desire is to one day become a nurse or a doctor. Learning about the body then becomes a critical area of knowledge to amass. Luckily for you, you can now learn about the body in two different languages. So, come on. It won’t be long before you can say, this is my body!

If you remember back in the Spanish Easy Review quiz series, you learned about several different parts of your body. Some of those words included the cabeza for head, mano for hand and dedo for finger and/or toe. Here in Spanish Medium Review you will be adding to your list of parts. Let’s take a look at those right now.

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ankle tobillo [m]
appendix apéndice [m]
artery arteria [f]
blood sangre [f]
bone hueso [m]
cheek mejilla [f] (note that the J sounds like an H)
chin mentón [m]
elbow codo [m]
face cara [f]
fingernail uña [f]
forehead frente [f]
heart corazón [m]
hip cadera [f]
intestine intestino [m]
joint articulación [f]
kidney riñón [m]
leg pierna [f]
lip labio [m]
liver hígado [m]
lung pulmón [m]
mouth boca [f]
muscle músculo [m]
neck cuello [m] (pronounced kwā-yō)
rib costilla [f]
ribcage caja torácica [f]
skin piel [f]
spine espina [f]
stomach estómago [m]
thigh muslo [m]
tongue lengua [f]
tooth diente [m]
vein vena [f]
waist cintura [f]
wrist muñeca [f]

This is probably one of the longest new vocabulary lists you have been given. The good news is that you can take all the time you need to learn these new words. Find a sheet of paper and write down all of the new body parts vocabulary list – both in English and in Spanish. In fact, writing them down will actually help you to remember the new words a little easier. You should do this for each quiz you take in Spanish and try to get into the habit of doing so.

Practice writing the words down and saying them out loud. These actions will go a long way towards training your brain to learn a new language! Once you have gotten all of the new vocabulary words down, then it will be time to take the quiz.

The quiz contains ten sentences, either in English or in Spanish, with a word that is shown in all capitalized letters. Your task is to locate the correct corresponding answer that matches the capitalized word (or words). How well do you think you can do without looking back at the introduction list of words? Challenge yourself!

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  1. Quinn learned that his father might need a new LIVER.
    The Spanish word for liver is hígado.
  2. Martha was certain she had a STOMACH ulcer.
    The Spanish word for stomach is estómago.
  3. Alberto cortó su MENTÓN en el trampolín.
    The sentence reads: Albert cut his chin on the diving board. The capitalized Spanish word of mentón means chin.
  4. La SANGRE es más espesa que el agua.
    This sentence is a common saying. It reads: Blood is thicker than water. The capitalized Spanish word of sangre means blood.
  5. How many BONES are in the human body?
    The Spanish word for bones is huesos.
  6. Kathy lost two inches off of her WAIST in just three weeks!
    The Spanish word for waist is cintura.
  7. Ana encontró un reloj que encajaría su MUÑECA.
    The sentence reads: Ann found a watch that would fit her wrist. The capitalized Spanish word of muñeca means wrist.
  8. Melanie lost so much weight that you can now see her RIBCAGE.
    The Spanish words for ribcage are caja torácica.
  9. She loved that piece of music with all of her HEART!
    The Spanish word for heart is corazón.
  10. Una PIERNA es más corta que la otra.
    The sentence reads: One leg is shorter than the other. The capitalized Spanish word of pierna means leg.

Author: Christine G. Broome

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