Vocabulary - Up in the Mountains!

Are you a water person or a mountain person? It seems that people are generally one or the other but very rarely are they both. If you are a mountain person, then this Spanish Medium Review quiz is going to be right up your alley because it will be taking a look at things that you might see or find up in the mountains.

One thing that you should always remember is that when you get a new vocabulary list, you should be trying to name things around you using your new words. If you do not live near the mountains or you are not going to visit any mountain soon, there are still plenty of words here that you can practice using every day. In fact, if you remember way back in the Spanish Easy Review quiz series, you were instructed that you are trying to train your brain to remember a new language. So even in your off times from your studies, you should still be trying to use your new words.

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Now, let’s step back and take a look the words found here. Those words are related to or associated with things that can be found in the mountains.


Alps Alpes [m]
brook arroyo [m]
cave cueva [f]
compass brújula [f] (note that the J sounds like an H)
Everest Everest [m]
forest bosque [m]
gorge desfiladero [m]
grizzly oso pardo [m]
height altura [f]
hiker excursionista [m] (this is used for both males and females)
Himalayas Himalayas [m]
Indian indio [m]
Kilimanjaro Kilimanjaro [m]
moss musgo [m]
mountain montaña [f]
owl búho [m]
ranger (forest ranger) guardabosque [m]
ravine barranco [m]
ridge cresta [f]
shelter albergue [m]
shrub arbusto [m]
stream corriente [f]
survival supervivencia [f]
tracker rastreador [m]
trail rastro [m]
valley valle [m]
waterfall cascada [f]

There are a number of really big words to have to learn here so take your time. The more you get to know them and practice them, they’ll start to just roll of your tongue. For now, just get the feel of the sound and the spelling. Then move on to the quiz section and locate the Spanish word will match up to the underlined words.

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  1. The boys found a CAVE to spend the night in.
    The Spanish word for cave is cueva.
  2. We followed the ridge all the way to the GORGE.
    The Spanish word for gorge is desfiladero.
  3. Stephen decided that he wanted to be a TRACKER when he grew up.
    The Spanish word for tracker is rastreador.
  4. Jane didn’t want to have to run into a GRIZZLY bear.
    The Spanish words for grizzly are oso pardo.
  5. The hiking party travelled along the side of a BROOK.
    The Spanish word for brook is arroyo.
  6. John and Allen ran into a FOREST RANGER halfway up the trail.
    The Spanish word for forest ranger is guardabosque.
  7. I understand that MOSS grows on the northern side of trees.
    The Spanish word for moss is musgo.
  8. Victoria loved being in the middle of the FOREST!
    The Spanish word for forest is bosque.
  9. The boy scouts climbed the mountain all the way up to the WATERFALL.
    The Spanish word for waterfall is cascada.
  10. The Alps, Everest, Himalaya and Kilimanjaro are all famous MOUNTAINS.
    The Spanish word for mountains is montañas.

Author: Christine G. Broome

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