Vocabulary - Wonders Found in the Backyard

In this Spanish Medium Review quiz we will be looking at the wonders that can be found in the backyard. Are you an indoor person or an outdoor person? As great as it can be to be indoors, the outdoors’ world is filled with so many amazing lifeforms and entertainment. Some people travel all around the world to find entertainment but, really, all you need to do is step outside in your own backyard.

It might appear to be very quiet and peaceful in the backyard. However, if you take a moment to really look around you and listen, you will see just how busy the place really is! It’s almost as if the backyard is really a festive amusement park.

Because there is so much to find in the backyard, this quiz will be pointing you to the outdoors in order to help you discover the wonders that are found there. Here are just a few things that you can find in nearly every backyard.

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ant hormiga [f] (note that the H is silent)
backyard patio trasero [m]
bee abeja [f] (note that the J sounds like an H)
beetle escarabajo [m] (note that the J sounds like an H)
bumblebee abejorro [m] (note that the J sounds like an H)
bug bicho [m]
butterfly mariposa [f]
dragonfly libélula [f]
fence valla [f]
grasshopper saltamontes [m] (note that this word ends with the letter 's' – this means it is the same spelling whether you have one grasshopper or several grasshoppers)
hornet avispón [m]
insect insecto [m]
pool piscina [f]
porch porche [m] (sounds like pour-chay)
rabbit conejo [m] (note that the J sounds like an H)
rat rata [f]
rope cuerda [f]
slide tobogán [m]
snake serpiente [f]
spider araña [f]
squirrel ardilla [f]
terrace tarraza [f]
wasp avispa [f]
web web [f]
worm gusano [m]

See, there is a lot going on out there! To practice getting to know each of these wonders, try looking for as many of them as you can and then call them by their Spanish name. Remember that you are training your brain to associate English words and Spanish words to every object and every action. The more you practice, the easier this all becomes. Also take some time to learn how each word is spelled and how each word is pronounced.

If you are not certain how a word is pronounced, check out some of the Spanish Easy Review quizzes as they demonstrate how Spanish words are phonetically pronounced. After looking over the pronunciation of the letters, you should be able to pronounce any new words that come your way.

It is now time to move on to the quiz section. There are ten sentences with a word that is in all capitalized letters within each sentence. See if you can quickly recognize the Spanish translation of the capitalized word. If you believe you are ready, then begin to explore the wonders that can be found in the backyard!

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  1. Mama was upset that the RABBITS got into her vegetable garden again.
    The Spanish word for rabbits is conejos.
  2. The twin boys tried to catch several GRASSHOPPERS.
    The Spanish word for grasshoppers is saltamontes.
  3. Without BUMBLEBEES we wouldn’t have many blooming flowers.
    The Spanish word for bumblebees is abejorros.
  4. My little sister screamed when she saw the SNAKE.
    The Spanish word for snake is serpiente.
  5. Jack stood very still as a HORNET landed on his forehead.
    The Spanish word for hornet is avispón.
  6. Billy had to clean the POOL before he could swim in it.
    The Spanish word for pool is piscina.
  7. There were dozens of ANTS all over her sandwich.
    The Spanish word for ants is hormigas.
  8. Rover, our dog, loves to chase SQUIRRELS around the yard!
    The Spanish word for squirrels is ardillas.
  9. David helped his young cousin go down the SLIDE.
    The Spanish word for slide is tobogán.
  10. Mary was not afraid of the strange looking SPIDER.
    The Spanish word for spider is araña.

Author: Christine G. Broome

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