Vocabulary - You Live Where?

Back in the Spanish Easy Review quiz series you learned that a 'house' in Spanish is a 'casa'. Many people do live in a house but not everyone does. In fact, there are a number of places where people can and do live. They not only live in building structures but they also live in particular areas like in a town or a city. With that in mind, this Spanish Medium Review quiz we will be taking a look at the many places a person can live.

How many places can you think of? Let’s see if the list below covered all the places that came to your mind. Are you ready? Then here is your list.

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apartment apartamento [m]
boat barco [m]
building edificio [m]
camp campamento [m]
castle castillo [m]
city ciudad [f]
community comunidad [f]
condominium condominio [m]
cottage cabaña [f]
estate finca [f]
farm granja [f] (note that the J sounds like an H)
hut choza [f]
igloo iglú [m]
indoors dentro [m]
loft desván [m]
mansion mansión [f]
outdoors al aire libre [m]
park parque [m]
prison prisión [f]
room cuarto [m]
shed cobertizo [m]
tent tienda de campaña [f] (literally means store of campaign)
town / village pueblo [m]
trailer caravana [f]

As with many lists, this is a good listing of places one can live! Some of the words might be a little tricky so take your time saying each word, pronouncing each word and learning how to spell each word. When you go through your neighborhood and town, see how many of these places you can find. The igloo might be the hardest – unless you build one in the wintertime! Train your brain to immediately be able to recognize a park as a parque and a shed as a cobertizo and so on. Work that brain every day with your new language skills! Before you head out to find them, however, you do need to take the quiz.

Yup – you are not through here until the quiz is done. So take a look at the following ten sentences and/or questions and see how many you can get correct without peeking back at the vocabulary list. If the sentence contains a capitalized word, you need to find the Spanish translation of that word.

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  1. In some very small villages people live in a HUT.
    The Spanish word for hut is choza.
  2. Prince Charming lived in one of these!
    Prince Charming lived in a castle naturally. The Spanish word for castle is castillo.
  3. Some people live on the water in these.
    People who live on the water live in boats. The Spanish word for boats is barcos.
  4. The rowdy children were sent OUTDOORS to play.
    The Spanish words for outdoors are al aire libre. It literally translates as: at the free air.
  5. Ryan and Eddie got an APARTMENT together.
    For this one you need to know how to spell the word in Spanish. The Spanish word for apartment is apartamento. There are no accent marks in the word.
  6. The VILLAGE People sang the song 'YMCA'.
    The Spanish word for Village is pueblo.
  7. The airplane landed in Salt Lake CITY.
    The Spanish word for city is ciudad.
  8. You will find inmates living here.
    You will find inmates living in a prison. The Spanish word for prison is prisión.
  9. When Elvis Presley died he left his ESTATE to his daughter.
    The Spanish word for estate is finca.
  10. He bought a LOFT in San Francisco.
    For this one you need to know how to spell the word in Spanish. The Spanish word for loft is desván. There is an accent mark over the 'a'.

Author: Christine G. Broome

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