What's It Made Of?

In this Spanish Medium Review picture quiz you will looking at various different materials that things can be made of. Have you ever looked at something and wondered: What’s it made of? Maybe it’s a delicious dessert or casserole. Maybe it’s a building or a boat or a spacecraft. People are, like cats, curious by nature. We are always wondering what things are made of so this quiz is going to help you answer some of those questions in Spanish!

Below there are ten sentences all dealing with things that are made. Each sentence contains a capitalized word of at least one thing that the item is made of or which describes the item. Now, let’s go see if you can correctly guess what’s it made of!

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  1. A nice warm, wooly, RED blanket!
    The Spanish word for red is rojo. The nice, worm, wooly blanket is made with the color red!
  2. These Indian dream catchers are made with FEATHERS.
    The first answer is Spanish for wools. The second answer is Spanish for felts. The third answer is Spanish for sticks. Finally, the last answer is Spanish for feathers. However, it is also Spanish for pens as people can write using the tip of a feather. Therefore, these two words are the same in Spanish.
  3. A beautiful, fall centerpiece with colorful CANDLES.
    The Spanish word for candles is velas.
  4. Can anyone ever have enough PAPERCLIPS?
    This one is a little difficult because you might not have already learned this capitalized word in your Spanish lessons but you should easily be able to find the Spanish word from the answers for paperclip. The first answer is Spanish for strings. The second answer is Spanish for clamps. The last answer is Spanish for glues. The third answer reads: paper of clips. In turn, it means paperclips in Spanish.
  5. These little figures are make from WOOD clothespins.
    The Spanish word for wood is madera.
  6. This green car is made out of CARDBOARD.
    The Spanish word for cardboard is cartón.
  7. An healthy treat of ORANGE slices.
    The Spanish word for orange when the thing slices is plural is naranjas.
  8. These robots are made out of many PLASTIC shapes.
    The Spanish word for plastic is plástico.
  9. This bright wall is made out of CERAMIC tiles.
    The Spanish word for ceramic is cerámica.
  10. I MADE this string of paper dolls for my art project.
    You are looking for the past tense of a verb. The second and third answers are present tense verbs so they can be quickly eliminated. The Spanish past tense verb using the pronoun I for I made is hice. The first answer means I had.

Author: Christine G. Broome

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