Where Do You Live?

In this Spanish Medium Review picture quiz you will be looking at places where people can live. Not everyone lives the same way or in the same kind of place. Some people live in a house, some in a mansion and others may live in a very modest hut. Eskimos can live in igloos and inmates will live in prison. Some people live in a big city and yet others live in a small town or village or on a farm. Where we come from can say a lot about the people we are and the values we may have. Wherever you come from, you should always be proud of your roots. So in this quick quiz, we are going to visit some of the places where people can live!

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The quiz contains ten sentences with a residence that has been capitalized. See if you can locate the correct Spanish word that is the match to the capitalized living place! Do you live in any one of these places?

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  1. A small city is often referred to as a TOWN.
    The Spanish word for town is pueblo.
  2. Not many people get to grow up on a FARM these days.
    The Spanish word for farm is granja.
  3. You will find many skyscrapers in a big CITY.
    The Spanish word for city is ciudad.
  4. It’s always exciting when you get your first APARTMENT!
    The Spanish word for apartment is apartamento.
  5. This BUILDING is a beautiful and expensive house.
    The Spanish word for building is edificio.
  6. If you ever go camping it is a good idea to have a sturdy TENT.
    The Spanish words for tent are tienda de campaña.
  7. It can be fun to hang out with your friends in your own ROOM.
    The Spanish word for room is cuarto.
  8. Some families go all out when they CAMP on vacation.
    The Spanish word for camp is campamento.
  9. Are there many trees on the STREET where you live?
    The Spanish word for street is calle. (This was learned in the Spanish Easy Review quiz series.)
  10. Would you like to buy this cardboard HOUSE?
    The Spanish word for house is casa. (This was learned in the Spanish Easy Review quiz series.)

Author: Christine G. Broome

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