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In this Spanish Medium Review picture quiz you will be looking for various occupations when answering the question of: who are you? You have learned how to say many different types of occupations in Spanish. Therefore, it is now time to test you on seeing just how many occupations you can remember and just how quickly you can remember them. Right now, your occupation is a student or estudiante. Now let’s look at some other occupations.

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  1. This man is a ____ player.
    The sport that is being played in this picture is tennis. Therefore, the man is a tennis player. The Spanish word for tennis is tenis.
  2. This beautiful lady is a ____.
    The first answer means banker. The second answer means butterfly. The third answer means newscaster and the last answer means actress. This beautiful lady is an actress.
  3. The worker here is talking to the warehouse ____.
    The first answer means mushroom. The second answer means market. The last answer means owl and the third answer means manager. The worker is talking with the warehouse manager.
  4. The crown on his head tells us that he is a ____.
    The first answer means reporter. The third answer means queen. The last answer means pilot and the second answer means king. The crown on his head tells us that he is a king.
  5. This woman is wearing a habit because she is a ____.
    The first answer means painter. The second answer means attendant. The third answer means pail and the last answer means nun. A woman who wears a habit is a nun.
  6. This man will help you keep out of jail.
    The second answer means grandson. The third answer means hunter. The last answer means juggler and the first answer means lawyer. A man who will help to keep you out of jail is a lawyer.
  7. He knows all about how to build you a house.
    The first answer means coach. The second answer means drummer. The last answer means farmer and the third answer means builder. A person who knows how to build you a house is a builder.
  8. This man is looking for your vote.
    The first answer means counselor. The second answer means principal. The third answer means rabbi and the last answer means politician. The man looking for your vote is a politician.
  9. She may be young but she is already a great ____.
    The first answer means stewardess. The third answer means cashier. The last answer means soldier and the second answer means singer.
  10. Some people call him father but he is really a ____.
    The first answer means minister. The second answer means author. The third answer means superintendent. The last answer means priest. People often call a priest – father.

Author: Christine G. Broome

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