Working on the Farm

In this Spanish Medium Review picture quiz you will be seeing what it is like to be working on the farm. You are probably somewhat familiar with what farming involves. You learned that through the song Old MacDonald had a farm – e-i-e-i-o. And on his farm he had some chicks – e-i-e-i-o.

The Old MacDonald song is probably one of the very first songs children learn. In fact, they continue to sing it well into adulthood and re-sing it with their children and then their grandchildren. It is so popular because it is a teaching song. It teaches you all about animals that can be found on a farm. Of course, there are lots of different kinds of farms such as a cattle farm or a nursery farm. All the same, there is lots to learn there and lots of other items that can be found besides animals.

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With farming in mind, this quick picture quiz is going to be taking you to a farm! Naturally you will be going to a Spanish farm. All that means is that all answers will need to be in Spanish. Therefore, take the time to look at each of the ten given pictures to see if they can provide you with a clue towards finding the correct Spanish answer.

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  1. It looks like this FIELD is about ready to be harvested.
    The Spanish word for field is campo.
  2. This is a picturesque MILL!
    The Spanish word for mill is molino.
  3. Here you have huge bales of HAY.
    The Spanish word for hay is heno.
  4. Farmers often use OX to help do the plowing.
    The Spanish word for ox is buey.
  5. Getting the CROP ready!
    The Spanish word for crop is cultivo.
  6. I see a HORSE peeking at you!
    The Spanish word for horse is caballo.
  7. Do you know if these are baby piglets or baby SHEEP?
    The Spanish word for sheep is oveja.
  8. Horses and cows drink water out of a TROUGH.
    The Spanish word for trough is canal.
  9. Here you see an old fashioned WELL.
    The Spanish word for well is pozo.
  10. A WINDMILL helps to generate power!
    The Spanish words for windmill are molino de viento.

Author: Christine G. Broome

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