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In this Spanish Medium Review you quiz will get the chance to work with using your words by swapping them. Between the Spanish Easy Review quiz series and the Spanish Medium Review quiz series you have amassed quite an impressive list of Spanish vocabulary words. In fact, that list is well into the thousands so you, even if you ended your Spanish lessons with Spanish Medium Review, you would be in very good shape to be able to communicate in that language – at least in the present tense and in the past tense. Knowing you have a good bank of words, this quiz has been designed to see how well you can draw upon those words.

There are no new vocabulary words to learn here. That’s a relief? Still, you will need vocabulary. Has anyone ever asked you to spell a word for them and once you started you stopped and said, hold on a minute, and then you had to write the word down to remember how it was spelled?

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If that has ever happened to you, you'll be pleased to hear that there is a reason for it. The brain needs to see the word. Therefore, to help your brain with this quiz, get a piece of paper and an pen or pencil and write down the words in English and then in Spanish. This will teach and train your brain to remember how to spell the words. And… this is a writing quiz so that does mean you need to WRITE.

Okay, this quiz contains ten sentences with one word that is shown in all capitalized letters. Looking at the four answers provided, find which Spanish word can be used to swap out the capitalized word and still have the sentence be a proper sentence. By swapping you are not looking for the Spanish word that matches the capitalized word but, rather, the Spanish word that can replace the capitalized word and have the sentence still make sense. For example, if the sentence was, Her shoes are red, and your four answers were casa, blusa, gato and azul, the only word that can be swapped for red is azul which means blue. So put your thinking caps on, have pen or pencil in hand, and begin the quiz!

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  1. Fred had a really bad DAY.
    The first answer means letter. The second answer means night. The third answer means sock. The last answer means sparrow. The only word that can be swapped with day is night.
  2. Grandmother PRAYS in church.
    The first answer means sings. The second answer means swam. The third answer means builds and the last answer means brought. The only word that can be swapped with prays is sings. It has the proper tense and keeps the sentence a proper sentence.
  3. The SCHOOL was filled with new students.
    The first answer means mountain. The second answer means pantry. The third answer means stadium and the third answer means kitchen. The only word that can be swapped with school and keep the sentence proper is stadium.
  4. He drove a TROLLEY for 30 years.
    The first answer means watermelon. The second answer means stair. The third answer means rabbit and the last answer means train. The only word that can be swapped with trolley is train.
  5. My COUSIN stepped on my cat.
    The first answer means furniture. The second answer means pilot. The third answer means brother and the last answer means closet. The only word that can be swapped with cousin and keep the sentence proper is brother.
  6. I put the MILK into the refrigerator.
    The first answer means paper. The second answer means meat. The third answer means drummer and the last answer means test. The only word that can be swapped with milk and keep the sentence proper is meat.
  7. Stephen was not HAPPY with his test score.
    The first answer means unhappy. The second answer means comedian. The third answer means hungry and the last answer means country. The only word that can be swapped with happy and keep the sentence a proper sentence is unhappy.
  8. Jackie counted EIGHT dollars in her piggy bank.
    The first answer means cents. The second answer means birds. The third answer means boots and the last answer means one hundred. The only word that can be swapped with eight is one hundred.
  9. Daddy’s birthday is in AUGUST.
    The first answer means Thursday. The second answer means Friday and the last answer means Monday. These are all days of the week. The capitalized word is August which is a month. The third answer means January and it is the only word that can be properly swapped with August.
  10. Miriam plays the FLUTE in the school band.
    The first answer means bear. The second answer means drum. The third answer means pillow and the last answer means stove. The only word that can be swapped for flute and keep the sentence in proper form is drum.

Author: Christine G. Broome

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