Yard Days 1

In this Spanish Medium Review picture quiz you will be reviewing things that you might find in your backyard. Many people will buy a new house solely on how big or how neat the backyard is. Having a good backyard is key, especially when you have children or pets or if you are the kind of person who loves to entertain. So let’s reflect upon some of those yard days.

In one of your academic Spanish quizzes and, perhaps a few others, you learned all about things that could be found in the backyard. Now it is time to test your memory on those things as they would be spoken in Spanish. The quiz pictures might not show you what the capitalized word is but by reading the entire sentence, you will see how the pictures do relate. So, are you ready for a little backyard fun? Then let’s check out a yard!

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  1. The watermelons were delicious and even the WASPS thought so!
    The Spanish word for wasps is avispas.
  2. Don’t you just love the beauty of a well, groomed BACKYARD!
    The Spanish words for backyard are patio trasero.
  3. Children love to study BUGS and a magnifying glass is just the right tool!
    The Spanish word for bugs is bichos.
  4. Without the work of a BUMBLEBEE we would not have many flowers or fruits.
    The Spanish word for bumblebee is abejorro.
  5. If you want privacy in your backyard you should put up a solid FENCE.
    The Spanish word for fence is valla.
  6. The HORNETS loved the patch of wild flowers.
    The Spanish word for hornets is avispones.
  7. Some people prefer to sit on their front PORCH rather than sit in the backyard.
    The Spanish word for porch is porche.
  8. If there is one critter that you do not want in your backyard it is a RAT.
    The Spanish word for rat is rata. Note that ratón means mouse.
  9. Now what would a backyard be without a SLIDE?
    The Spanish word for slide is tobogán.
  10. SQUIRRELS are very intelligent backyard visitors.
    The Spanish word for squirrels is ardillas.

Author: Christine G. Broome

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