Author - Agatha Christie Play
Author - Beatrix Potter Play
Author - C S Lewis Play
Author - Catherine Cookson Play
Author - Charles Dickens 1 Play
Author - Charles Dickens 2 Play
Author - Charles Dickens 3 Play
Author - Charles Dickens 4 Play
Author - Charlotte Brontë Play
Author - Clive Cussler Play
Author - D H Lawrence Play
Author - Dan Brown Play
Author - Danielle Steel Play
Author - Emily Brontë Play
Author - Enid Blyton Play
Author - Ernest Hemingway Play
Author - Geoffrey Chaucer Play
Author - George Orwell Play
Author - H G Wells Play
Author - J K Rowling Play
Author - J R R Tolkien Play
Author - James Joyce Play
Author - Jane Austen Play
Author - John Grisham Play
Author - Jules Verne Play
Author - Lewis Carroll Play
Author - Maeve Binchy Play
Author - Michael Crichton Play
Author - Oscar Wilde Play
Author - Patricia Cornwell Play
Author - Roald Dahl Play
Author - Robert Louis Stevenson Play
Author - Rudyard Kipling Play
Author - Samuel Johnson Play
Author - Sidney Sheldon Play
Author - Sir Walter Scott Play
Author - Stephen King Play
Author - Terry Pratchett Play
Author - Thomas Hardy Play
Author - Tom Clancy Play
Author - William Shakespeare 1 Play
Author - William Shakespeare 2 Play
Author - William Shakespeare 3 Play
Author - William Shakespeare 4 Play
Fictional Characters - Dr. John H. Watson Play
Fictional Characters - Sherlock Holmes Play
Fictional Characters 1 Play
Fictional Characters 2 Play
Fictional Characters 3 Play
Fictional Characters 4 Play
Fictional Creatures 1 Play
Fictional Creatures 2 Play
Fictional Places 1 Play
Fictional Places 2 Play
Fictional Places 3 Play
Genre - Adventure Novels Play
Genre - Autobiographies 1 Play
Genre - Autobiographies 2 Play
Genre - Autobiographies 3 Play
Genre - Autobiographies 4 Play
Genre - Biographies Play
Genre - Childrens Literature 1 Play
Genre - Childrens Literature 2 Play
Genre - Childrens Literature 3 Play
Genre - Childrens Literature 4 Play
Genre - Classic Literature 1 Play
Genre - Classic Literature 2 Play
Genre - Crime Fiction Play
Genre - Horror 1 Play
Genre - Horror 2 Play
Genre - Horror 3 Play
Genre - Modern Literature Play
Genre - Mythology 1 Play
Genre - Mythology 2 Play
Genre - Novels 1 Play
Genre - Novels 2 Play
Genre - Novels 3 Play
Genre - Novels 4 Play
Nursery Rhymes Play
Poetry 1 Play
Poetry 2 Play
Poetry 3 Play
Poetry 4 Play

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