All Kinds of Christians 1 Play
All Kinds of Christians 2 Play
Because they Believed 1 Play
Because they Believed 2 Play
Faith and Festivities 1 Play
Faith and Festivities 2 Play
Holy Inspirations 1 Play
Holy Inspirations 2 Play
One Holy Happy Family 1 Play
One Holy Happy Family 2 Play
Sacred Service Play
Saints Alive 1 Play
Saints Alive 2 Play
Singing God's Praises 1 Play
Singing God's Praises 2 Play
The Church's Story Play
Turbulent Times Play
What is a Christian? 1 Play
What is a Christian? 2 Play
What's in a Church? Play


The Christian faith has been around for many years. If you are a Christian or simply interested in learning more about the religion, here are 20 quizzes to play. The questions cover all major branches of Christianity and are interesting, informative, educational and sometimes humorous!

Explore the fascinating journey of Christianity from humble beginnings to present day. Find out about saints, festivities, services, music and the actual church building itself.

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If you enjoy these quizzes, we also have a selection of 66 quizzes focused on The Bible. Put your feet up, have a cuppa, and we hope you enjoy this set of quizzes.

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