Alpines - Alpines 1 Play
Alpines - Alpines 2 Play
Annuals - Bedding Plants Play
Annuals - Border Plants 1 Play
Annuals - Border Plants 2 Play
Annuals - Container Plants 1 Play
Annuals - Container Plants 2 Play
Bulbs - Bulbs 1 Play
Bulbs - Bulbs 2 Play
Famous Gardens - British Gardens Play
Famous Gardens - World Gardens 1 Play
Famous Gardens - World Gardens 2 Play
Ferns and Grasses - Ferns Play
Ferns and Grasses - Ornamental Grasses Play
Friends and Foes - Diseases Play
Friends and Foes - Friends Play
Friends and Foes - Pests 1 Play
Friends and Foes - Pests 2 Play
Friends and Foes - Physiological Disorders Play
Fruit - Fruits 1 Play
Fruit - Fruits 2 Play
Fruit - Fruits 3 Play
Herbs and Spices - Culinary Herbs and Spices 1 Play
Herbs and Spices - Culinary Herbs and Spices 2 Play
Herbs and Spices - Medicinal Herbs Play
Herbs and Spices - Miscellaneous Herbs Play
Houseplants - Houseplants 1 Play
Houseplants - Houseplants 2 Play
Houseplants - Houseplants 3 Play
Perennials - Perennials 1 Play
Perennials - Perennials 2 Play
Perennials - Perennials 3 Play
Perennials - Perennials 4 Play
Perennials - Perennials 5 Play
Vegetables - Vegetables 1 Play
Vegetables - Vegetables 2 Play
Vegetables - Vegetables 3 Play
Weeds - Annual Garden Weeds Play
Weeds - Lawn Weeds Play
Weeds - Perennial Garden Weeds Play

Gardening Quizzes

Explore the world of gardening with the help of the forty quizzes in this series. Each of the 400 questions comes complete with its own expandable image in glorious colour.

See how much you know about flowering annuals, biennials, perennials, fruits and vegetables as well as the most common pests, diseases and weeds.

Don't miss the sections on Famous Gardens where you can find photographs of some delightful gardens both in the UK and in the rest of the world.

Author: Colin King
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