Companions of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) Play
Democracy in Islam Play
Etiquette in Islam Play
Hajj (Pilgrimage) Play
Islam and Terrorism Play
Islamic History Play
Marriage and Polygamy Play
Months of Islamic Calendar Play
Personal Etiquette and Cleanliness Play
Pillars of Islam Play
Prophets of Islam Play
Purpose of Creation Play
Quran and Science Play
Salah (The Prayers) Play
Sawm (Fasting) Play
Tawheed (Oneness and Uniqueness of Allah) Play
Teachings of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) Play
The Holy Quran Play
Women in Islam Play
Zakath (Obligatory Charity) Play


Below are 20 quizzes dedicated to Islam, one of the fastest-growing religions in the UK. Perhaps you are a Muslim and want to challenge yourself on your faith, or perhaps simply to find out more about the religion. Either way, we think you’ll find these quizzes interesting, enjoyable and perhaps even enlightening!

We have focussed mainly on the Qur’an, but have also added more generalised information in order to get an all-round understanding of Islam and of Muslim beliefs and practices.

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If you want to play further quizzes on Islam, there is one in our KS1 RE section, two in our KS2 RE section and two in our KS3 RE section. Give these quizzes a go and see how much you know about Islam.

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