Cockney Life Play
Dickens’ London Play
Jane Austen’s London Play
London’s Bridges Play
London’s Buildings Play
London’s Monuments Play
Regal London - Kings Play
Regal London - Queens Play
Roman London Play
Royal Palaces Play
Royal Parks Play
Saxon and Norman London Play
Shakespeare’s London Play
Sherlock Holmes’ London Play
The Great Fire of London Play
The London Underground Play
The River Thames Play
Theatre and Cinema in London Play
Tudor London Play
Victorian London Play

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These fun and enjoyable quizzes are all about London, the capital city of England. If you are a Londoner or even a visitor to this diverse, magnificent city, you might want to see how much you know about London. The quizzes have been written by Augusta Harris, a London Tour Guide - visit Augusta's website

What was life like in Roman, Tudor, Saxon, Norman and Victorian London? Who are Cockneys? What about Royalty? All these and more are covered in the 20 quizzes you will find below. Enjoy!

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