Genesis Play
Exodus Play
Leviticus Play
Numbers Play
Deuteronomy Play
Joshua Play
Judges Play
Ruth Play
I Samuel Play
II Samuel Play
I Kings Play
II Kings Play
I Chronicles Play
II Chronicles Play
Ezra Play
Nehemiah Play
Esther Play
Job Play
Psalms Play
Proverbs Play
Ecclesiastes Play
The Song of Soloman Play
Isaiah Play
Jeremiah Play
Lamentations Play
Ezekiel Play
Daniel Play
Hosea Play
Joel Play
Amos Play
Obadiah Play
Jonah Play
Micah Play
Nahum Play
Habakkuk Play
Zephaniah Play
Haggai Play
Zechariah Play
Malachi Play
Matthew Play
Mark Play
Luke Play
John Play
The Acts of the Apostles Play
Romans Play
I Corinthians Play
II Corinthians Play
Galatians Play
Ephesians Play
Philippians Play
Colossians Play
I Thessalonians Play
II Thessalonians Play
I Timothy Play
II Timothy Play
Titus Play
Philemon Play
Hebrews Play
James Play
I Peter Play
II Peter Play
I John Play
II John Play
III John Play
Jude Play
The Revelation Play
How The Bible Came To Be Play
King James Bible Play

The Bible

If you are interested in Christianity and want to know more about it, this section of our website has a quiz on every book of the Bible - that's 66 in all! Maybe you want to brush up your knowledge, or simply see how much you remember from Sunday School. Whatever the reason, we are sure you'll enjoy the challenge.

We have endeavoured to cover all the main stories from each book. In addition, we have added the Biblical reference in each helpful comment, in case you wish to do more research.

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If you enjoy these quizzes, you might want to play our KS1 KS2 and KS3 RE quizzes too! Why not challenge the family and see who gets the highest score.

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Author: Graeme Haw
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