1914 Babies Play
1915 Babies Play
1916 Babies Play
1917 Babies Play
1918 Babies Play
Air Warfare Play
All Creatures Great and Small Play
Awards for Valour Play
Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea Play
Build up to War Play
Calling on the Empire Play
Chemical Weapons Play
Disease and Discoveries Play
Don't You Believe It! Play
Famous Fighters Play
Flying Aces Play
Homefront Play
Inventions during the War Play
Naval Warfare Play
Somme Offensive Play
The Concluding Weeks Play
The Inspired Word Play
The June Advance Play
The Ottoman Empire Play
The Role of the Fairer Sex Play
The Tanks Roll In Play
Third Battle of Ypres Play
Trench Life Play
War Diaries Play
What Happened Next? Play
Who was in Charge? Play

World War I

If you think you know all there is to know about the First World War, why not test yourself in the 31 quizzes found below? And if you know next-to-nothing but want to learn about this period of history, then playing these interesting quizzes will improve your knowledge no end.

In addition to these quizzes, we also have more World War I quizzes in our KS3 section and also in our GCSE section

These specialist quizzes avoid the questions in our KS3 History and GCSE History quizzes.

Author: Graeme Haw
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