A Letter to the Queen - Comprehension Play
Alphabet (Big and Small) - Upper and Lower Case Letters 1 Preview
Alphabet (Big and Small) - Upper and Lower Case Letters 2 Preview
Alphabet (Big and Small) - Upper and Lower Case Letters 3 Preview
An Elephant Or A Tomato? - Articles 'A' or 'An' Preview
Are you Faster or the Fastest? - Adding 'er' and 'est' Preview
Can I Have A Few? - Nouns Preview
Did You Buy That? - Bought and Brought Preview
Do I Owe You? - Vowels Preview
Ending that Word - Adding 'ing' and 'ed' Preview
Find me a Job - Occupation Missing Words Preview
First, I want to Race - Writing Dates, Positional Numbers Preview
Give Me a Word - Gave or Given Preview
His or Hers? - Male and Female Words Preview
Hungry for Words - Ate or Eaten Preview
It's not ABC - Phonemes (Consonant and Vowel) Preview
It's Sublime to Rhyme - Rhyming Words Preview
Join Me Up - Matching Beginning Sentences to their Endings Preview
Let's be Friends - Compound Words Preview
Let's Shorten Up - Abbreviations (Mr., Mrs.) Preview
Line Me Up - Alphabetical Order (Letters) Preview
Lots Of Me - Nouns (Singular and Connective) Preview
Monkey Facts - Comprehension Preview
Nice Names and Cool Countries - Capital Letters, Proper Nouns Preview
Once Upon a Time... - Characteristics of Fairy Tales Preview
Our Little Friends - Young Ones (Knowing a Cat has Kittens) Preview
Read Me - Capital Letters (Book Titles) Preview
Remember Me? - Characters in Fairy Tales Preview
Should we go in it or on it? - Prepositions Preview
Super Duper Sounds - Graphemes (2, 3 and 4-letter) Preview
Super Sentences - Capital Letters and Periods Preview
Super Sounds - Graphemes (2-letter) Preview
The World of Letters - Consonants Preview
What's that Sound? - Phonemes (Consonant) Preview
Where are we? - Prepositions Preview
Where do I Belong? - Group Names (Insects etc.) Preview
Woof or Moo? - Noises of Animals Preview
Working Hard - Read Occupations Preview
You Don't Belong Here - Odd One Out (Word Patterns, Synonyms and Categories) Preview

Quizzes make learning fun! There is no quicker way to learn about English Language in Elementary School - Grades 1 and 2

To a seven-year-old the English language doesn’t always make sense so parents need to be ready for some probing questions like ‘Why doesn’t “lackadaisical” have something to do with a shortage of flowers?’ (Credit to Doug Larson!)

These quizzes don’t answer all the questions but they do at least provide a fun beginning to the learning process.

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Invariably, children find quizzes fascinating and our easy question and answer format provides a way to start engaging with the language.

To increase this sense of fascination, all the questions in this section are accompanied by a picture and clicking any one of them increases the size so that more detail can be revealed. It’s a good idea to encourage children to click on each picture so that they might also start to understand the benefits of modern technology.

At this stage it is not essential for the children to understand the complicated words that describe elements of the language but the quiz titles include words such as ‘Phonemes’, ‘Prepositions’ and ‘Consonants’ that help parents drill down to subjects they think might benefit their children.

Let’s not get bogged-down with technicalities – get stuck in to the quizzes with your children, answer questions as they come along and have some fun!

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