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Adding and Subtracting One-Digit Numbers from Two-Digit Numbers Preview
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Addition and Subtraction Facts to 100 Preview
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First, Second, Third - Ordinal Numbers Preview
Heavy or Light? - Problems of Mass and Weight Preview
How Much in Total? Preview
Longer or Shorter? - Problems of Length and Height Preview
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Months of the Year Preview
More Odd or Even Preview
Most, Fewest and Least Preview
Number Bonds to 20 Preview
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Number Patterns Preview
Numbers - Read Numbers Preview
Numbers on a Number Line - Counting on from any Given Number Preview
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One More, One Less Preview
Partitioning Numbers Preview
Patterns and Sequences Preview
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Place Value - Comparing Numbers Preview
Place Value Problem Solving Preview
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Shapes in Real Life Preview
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Telling the Time Preview
Telling the Time to 5 Minutes Preview
The Language of Addition Preview
The Language of Subtraction Preview
Time Problems - Telling the Time and Understanding its Units Preview
Time: Hours, Minutes or Seconds Preview
Time: Quickly or Slowly? - Practical Problems of Time Preview
Units of Time - Comparing and Sequencing Intervals of Time Preview
Use Addition to Check Subtraction - Counting on from any Given Number Preview
Using Data to Answer Questions Preview
Using Facts to Solve Missing Number Problems Preview
What Number Next? - Recognising and Extending Number Patterns Preview
What Time Is It? - Telling the Time to the Quarter Hour Preview
What Time Will It Be? - Number of Minutes in an Hour Preview
Which Direction? - Position Direction and Motion Preview
Which Symbol Should We Use? - Addition, Subtraction and Equals Signs Preview
Working Out Capacity Preview

Quizzes make learning fun! There is no quicker way to learn about Math in Elementary School - Grades 1 and 2

Over 2,400 years ago the great philosopher, Plato, said that if he began his studies again he would start with mathematics. Given that he went on to train Aristotle and is credited with founding the world’s first university it might pay to give his words some serious thought…

Without mathematics the great buildings of the world could not have been built and ships, trains, airplanes and motor cars could never be manufactured.

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Without mathematics we could not measure how far our home is from from New York or how far it is from the Earth to the Moon.

Without mathematics we could not estimate the number of species in our world and we certainly could not begin to construct a computer. On that latter point, did you know that all computing ultimately relies on just two components – ones and zeros? That’s right, the pictures and writing you see on the computer screen before you can all be boiled down to a pattern of ones and zeros. OK, we’ll accept that it is an unbelievably complicated pattern but a pattern nonetheless!

So when the little ones around you ask ‘What’s the point of math’ explain that without it the world as we know it would cease to exist. Tell them that as they begin to understand math they will start to recognize how and why things work. And tell them that math is the key by which they may enter the wonderful and fascinating world of science.

Before all that, let’s play some quizzes with the children that will help them learn to count, add and subtract. Along the way they’ll also learn about the months of the year, odd and even numbers and how to recognize shapes. Let’s make it fun for them to understand the world and help them to make it even better!

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Nyomi Nomipalony
"The quizzes being on the computer or Ipad really help with this as the photos help contextualise it for Arlo and him doing ‘grown up’ work on the laptop/Ipad adds to the novelty of it for him."
Nyomi Nomipalony

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