Active Action - Present Tense Play
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Adverbs 1 Preview
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Aliens Stole My Homework - Comprehension Preview
All Good Things Must Come to an End - Proverbs Preview
All Ours - Apostrophes for Plural Possessive (to Proper Nouns and Nouns) Preview
Alliteration Preview
Alphabetising Preview
Am I Speaking? - First Person Narrative Preview
Antonyms Preview
Apostrophes to Mark Omission Preview
Apostrophes to Mark Possession Preview
Asking Questions Preview
Be a Poet and Show it - Rhyming Words Preview
Beat of the Drum - Syllables Preview
But I Don't Agree - And or But (Conjunctions to Disagree) Preview
Capital Letters 1 Preview
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Change the Past - Irregular Past Tense Preview
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Complex Sentences Preview
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Connectives / Conjunctions 1 Preview
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Connectives / Conjunctions 3 Preview
Connectives / Conjunctions 4 Preview
Cross Here to Rhyme - Acrostic Poems Preview
Delightful Description - Identifying Adjectives Preview
Detective Work - Inference Preview
Did They Say That? - Dialogue Tags (Said, Asked, Replied) Preview
Different Day, Different Word - Irregular Past Tense Preview
Direct Speech Preview
Doing Something - Verbs Preview
Don't Daze for Days - Capital Letters and Spellings of Days Preview
ED (End without the N) - Past Tense ('ed' to Verbs) Preview
Fact and Opinion Preview
Find My Action - Identifying Adverbs Preview
Find the Word - Guess the Missing Word Preview
Find the Words - Guess the Missing Words Preview
First, Second and Third Person Preview
Five Ws - Question Words Preview
Goodbye Then - Sentence Openers Preview
Great Giant Giraffes - Alliteration Preview
Happy to Meet your Meat? - Homophones Preview
How I Said It - Dialogue Tags (Whispered, Shouted, Exclaimed) Preview
How Should I Do It? - Adding Appropriate Adverbs Preview
I Own That! - Apostrophes for Singular Possessive (to Proper Nouns) Preview
I'm Lost - Guess the Missing Letter Preview
If You Need To Scream! - Exclamation Marks Preview
Improving Vocabulary 1 Preview
Improving Vocabulary 2 Preview
Improving Vocabulary 3 Preview
Improving Vocabulary 4 Preview
Improving Vocabulary 5 Preview
In a Muddle - Alphabetical Order (Words) Preview
Indirect Speech Preview
Is It Over? - Past Tense (Was, Were) Preview
Is That A Question? - Question Marks Preview
Let's Agree - Synonyms Preview
Let's Connect - Connectives Preview
Let's Disagree - Antonyms Preview
Linking The Two - Conjunctions (to Add to the Information) Preview
List This - Commas for a List Preview
Metaphors Preview
Month Madness - Capital Letters and Spellings of Months Preview
Negatives Preview
No Name Game - Pronouns Preview
No to O - Apostrophes for Contractions (Adding 'Not') Preview
Nonsense in my Sentence - Word Order 1 Preview
Nonsense in my Sentence - Word Order 2 Preview
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Onomatopoeia Preview
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Predicting the Future - Future Tense Preview
Prefixes Preview
Prepositions Preview
Pronouns Preview
Punctuation Preview
Repeat that Word - Similar Words Preview
Rhyme Preview
Round or Square? - Adding Appropriate Adjectives Preview
Runaway Punctuation - Guess the Missing Punctuation Preview
Sentence Openers Preview
Short to Long - Split Digraphs Preview
Similes Preview
Sounds Great - Onomatopoeia Preview
Sounds Like I'm Lost - Guess the Missing Sounds Preview
Speaking Whilst Writing - Speech Marks Preview
Standard English Preview
Statement, Question or Command? Preview
Sticking Together - Digraphs (Consonant) Preview
Still Sticking Together - Digraphs (Vowel) Preview
Subject / Verb Agreement Preview
Suffixes Preview
Syllables Preview
Synonyms Preview
Text Features Preview
The Best Sentence 1 Preview
The Best Sentence 2 Preview
The Cat's Hat - Apostrophes for Singular Possessive (to Nouns) Preview
The Three of Us - Tri Digraphs Preview
Their, They're and There Preview
There are Too Many Theres in the World - Common Homophones Preview
True or False - Fiction or Non-Fiction Texts Preview
Two Word Squish - Apostrophes for Contractions (Adding 'Have' and 'Had') Preview
Two Word Squish - Apostrophes for Contractions (Adding 'Will', 'Would' and 'Are') Preview
Verbal Reasoning - Closest Meaning 1 Play
Verbal Reasoning - Closest Meaning 2 Preview
Verbal Reasoning - Closest Meaning 3 Preview
Verbal Reasoning - Closest Meaning 4 Preview
Verbal Reasoning - Compound Words 1 Preview
Verbal Reasoning - Compound Words 2 Preview
Verbal Reasoning - Compound Words 3 Preview
Verbal Reasoning - Compound Words 4 Preview
Verbal Reasoning - Hidden Word 1 Preview
Verbal Reasoning - Hidden Word 2 Preview
Verbal Reasoning - Opposite Meaning 1 Preview
Verbal Reasoning - Opposite Meaning 2 Preview
Verbs 1 Preview
Verbs 2 Preview
Verbs 3 Preview
Verbs 4 Preview
We're Lost Too - Guess the Missing Letters Preview
What's in a Name? - Book Titles Preview
Who's Writing this Story? - Third Person Narrative Preview
Writing Explanations Preview
Writing Instructions Preview
Writing Letters Preview
Writing Narrative Preview
You've Changed! - Irregular Past Tense Preview
Your and You're Preview

Quizzes make learning fun! There is no quicker way to learn about English Language in Elementary School - Grades 3, 4 and 5

The English language is an unfathomable maze for most children under 10 and the only way through it is with the guidance of adults like you.

It may be that you have forgotten what alliteration is and you rely on your computer to remind you to capitalize the first letter in a sentence. However you recognize when writing is good and when it is bad and that’s enough to be a teacher of English to the young children around you.

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You have no doubt become familiar with the “patterns” of words and the more you have read the more those patterns will have become ingrained in your brain. You probably can’t explain why it is wrong to say ‘I ain’t doing nothing he says ‘cause I bin there before’ but you can almost certainly find a better way of saying it!

Your children will learn just as you did – by subconsciously storing the correct ‘ word patterns’ in their brains that can be surfaced at a second’s notice. That’s where quizzes come in because they provide another dimension for interacting with the language.

Why not start playing the quizzes with your children – they will probably be fascinated to learn about rhyme and similes and you might be reminded what a homophone is. Both you and they will be captivated and entertained by the Verbal Reasoning quizzes!

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