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Wouldn’t it be a strange thing indeed if you met someone who had never heard music? Chances are they’d be living under a rock in the middle of the jungle.

For the rest of us ordinary folk, music is everywhere we go. Shops play tunes to make us buy stuff (oh yes they do). Aquariums play soothing music so the sharks are chilled and less likely to have tantrums (oh no they don’t).

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Whatever music you are into ~ pop, rock, grunge, metal, jazz or classical ~ did you know listening to music is good for you? It’s true ~ our brains release dopamine (the ‘feel good’ hormone) when we are playing music. So next time your parents shout ‘TURN IT DOWN!’ tell them you’re stress-busting. Have you ever gotten chills from your favorite songs? Those chills are caused by the dopamine. Cool, huh?

Learning to play an instrument is great fun ~ especially if it’s something really loud and annoying such as the drums, trumpet or scratchy violin. However, as well as practice, you need to know about theory. You’ll be pleased to hear we’ve added the fun to theory. We’ve taken compositions, arrangements, dance music, hooks and riffs and then whisked them all up into enjoyable quizzes. You’ll also get to meet a few of the old maestros, such as Handel, Beethoven and Mozart (who incidentally was baptised Johannes Chrysostomus Wolfgangus Theophilus Mozart ~ get your tongue round that one!).

So, batons at the ready ~ let’s rock ‘n’ roll.

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Nyomi Nomipalony
"The quizzes being on the computer or Ipad really help with this as the photos help contextualise it for Arlo and him doing ‘grown up’ work on the laptop/Ipad adds to the novelty of it for him."
Nyomi Nomipalony

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